Friday, September 25, 2009

American Mustache Institute

In CM's never ending quest to delve deep into mustache knowledge, I fell accross a website for The American Mustache Institute. AMI has a noble cause that I would like to pass along. Take it away:

"Bias is everywhere, and the deep discrimination against the Mustached American race in the United States has been pervasive since the 1960s.

Acceptance of lip sweaters has ebbed and flowed, but the mustache’s glory years, of course, were the 1970s, when a man or woman could wear a mustache without scorn. Virtually overnight, as disco faded and Walter Cronkite left television, the cookie duster became a fad seen only on law enforcement, moto-cross drivers, and members of the Village People.

Enter the St. Louis-based American Mustache Institute (AMI), with headquarters nestled in the shadow of the world's largest mustache - the Gateway Arch. We are freedom fighters, civil libertarians if you will – working against the bias and stereotyping plaguing the Mustached American race."

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  1. The American Mustache Institute is seeking our 2009 "Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year," the winner of which will be named on Oct. 30 in St. Louis at 'Stache Bash 2009 featuring music and mustache legend John Oates.

    To nominate a "Goulet":

    To learn about 'STache Bash:

    Carry on.