Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dave Winfield

I don't know why the first baseball player I wanted to profile was Dave Winfield, but I'm damn glad that was my instinct. In my hunt for Dave sporting his classy 'stache I came across these two gems. Everything about the top picture is amazing. That someone felt the need to paint Dave, the alien in the front row, his delightful facial hair...amazing. This painting was done by Please visit this sight and take a look at the picture of some Illinois pride, and tell me that isn't the weirdest thing you've ever seen. The fact that a (great) dead man has his arm on Obama's shoulder is extremely unsettling. But I digress. So not only did I run across the painting, but also this TMZ-esque picture of Dave Winfield. Now, I concede that Dave Winfield was a hell of a player and one of the greatest athletes (one of only two people to be drafted in the MLB, NBA & NFL) of our era...but why would anybody want to see a 57 year old Winfield shirtless? It is quite astonishing. Anyway, in my research I saw that Winfield was still rocking the 'stache at his Hall of Fame induction so you know he means business. Thank you Dave for kicking off opening day!

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